Hammer & ChiselI tell my challengers (the guys and gals I work with who are up for the challenge of developing healthy habits) that the best way to start a goal is to yell it from the rooftops, announce it on Facebook, tell their family that THIS IS IT. I am doing this, and I hope you’re with me!

So I guess I should do the same.

I’ve been contemplating this for a long time, and have been leading up to it for  along time on FB and Instagram, but today I finally made it official. Eeek!

I am entering the Beachbody Classic 2016, which is Beachbody’s version of a bikini/fitness competition (bring on the spray tanner!). It’s for coaches only, and will take place at the Coach Summit in Nashville in July. There are a group of coaches on my team who will all be doing it together and we’re forming our own Challenge Group to keep ourselves accountable. One of the girls is actually a competition coach herself, so I’ll have access to all the best advice and fitness tips along the way.

The key to the Classic is that your training is done entirely with Beachbody home workout programs. How cool is that? I have tons of respect for trainers and competitors who train in gyms – and I’m working towards becoming a trainer myself! But there is something amazingly powerful about getting the best body you’ve ever had, all at home. No witnesses.

Sure, I won’t have the trainer there in person to tell me to push harder… but the trainers in the program I’ve selected have an uncanny ability to know that breaking point and still manage to say all the right things each time I pop in a DVD. It’ll take a lot of discipline and will power too, but just like my challengers in MY groups, I am going to rely on the support of the group to hold myself accountable and push hard to get everything out of this program.

What will I be using?

The newest program in my library, The Master’s Hammer & Chisel. It just came out this month and I’ve done several of the workouts already. It’s definitely lifting focused, but the cardio, balance and plyometrics have had me sweating like I was in Insanity Max:30. I’m beginning on the Muscle Build nutrition plan, and adjust to the Lean Out plan later into 2016. For now that means plenty of calories, 2 times the carbs I was eating before and as always, lots and lots of water.

I’m really excited to see how much muscle I can build, to watch my body transform, and to see my strength increase. My boyfriend is competing in October of 2016 in a Fitness Competition so we’ll be eating alllllllll the foods together for awhile until it’s time for us both to lean out. This may be difficult for me, as I expect I will gain a bit of bulk, but it’s going to be a good mental test for me to remember that it’s not necessarily about the scale or the look in the mirror, but how I feel and how I’m treating my body. It also will show me that I have complete control over my body and how it looks, so if I want more muscle darn it – I can go get it!

So this is me, holding myself accountable and making it official. I’m doing this, and I hope I have your support!! I’ll be posting my progress through this journey here, on Facebook and Instagram, and will be hosting an official Kickoff Challenge Group beginning Jan. 4 for anyone who wants to join me in starting a new fitness program (need not be Hammer & Chisel, but if you’re interested… now’s the time so we can do it together!).

Find your way to Facebook or contact me if you’re interested in joining!



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