Gulp! Sharing before pictures is always scary. Especially when you don’t have the after yet! I’ve been working out now for two years pretty consistently, but holidays, travel and life mean I have my ups and downs still too. I’ve just managed to make that roller coaster a really boring ride — for the better!

These are definitely not my worst before pictures, but they sure aren’t my Insanity Max:30 after photos either! Learning to love yourself on all parts of the roller coaster has been one of the best things I’ve learned through this journey.

For this plan, The Master’s Hammer and Chisel, I honestly don’t know what to expect. I’m eating about 600 calories more than I’m used to, and I’m lifting weights about 4 days a week. I know my body responds fast to weight training, but I don’t know if this building phase will make me lean and toned, or kind of fluffy but really strong? I’m trusting the process for now, knowing I have full control over what I do and can always adjust as needed. I also know that in prep for the Beachbody Classic and bikini competitions in general, the lean out and major cutting happens later so for now I’m going to be patient, push myself, trust the plan and go all in.

I’m excited to see how strong I get, and to watch my body change. I’m excited to learn more about my eating and experience what it’s like to really fuel for muscle growth and strength. I’m also excited to break out of my comfort zone through sharing the journey and walking across the stage at the Beachbody Classic in July. Follow along, join me in this program or just wish me luck!

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