Welcome to the #GoodLife! What does that mean? What am I signing up for? How did I get here?

Great questions. I hope you’re ready!

The #GoodLife is living a purposeful, fulfilling, live on YOUR terms, that allows you to better yourself AND the {people, places, world} around you, building a business and income that YOU are comfortable with and is a direct reflection of YOUR {dedication, personality, qualities, hard word}. The people around you who are living the #GoodLife are your TEAMMATES. They will inspire you beyond your wildest, they will support you, teach you, listen, trust, inspire and be inspired by you.

When I decided to begin coaching I never would have imagined all that the opportunity would give me, and I want that for EVERYONE who dreams of freedom, control, and satisfaction from their work.

Now all that sounds great, but I still had some questions before I signed on the dotted line. Here’s a little summary and FAQ for you to really set things straight.

What is coaching?

  • Working on my own health & fitness journey
    • So I don’t  have to be a fitness pro? Nope. But you can be! Basically, all sizes and shapes can be a coach.
  • Sharing with others what I am doing and help them do the same
    • Just me, keeping it real? I don’t need to sell stuff I don’t believe in? No! Please don’t ever do that.
    • But what if I fail? Part of the reason many people coach is to give themselves a heightened level of accountability to their own goals. Be real, share your struggles but ultimately work towards your goals and you’re good!
  • Earning extra cash to pay for Shakeology, cover bills or even replace my income
    • Basically, I get paid to workout and share my story?  Well, kind of, yes! Pay it forward by helping others find health & fitness through Beachbody and the earning potential is limitless.
  • Being a motivator, a connector, an accountabilibuddy
    • So not a salesperson? No. If you are sharing your experiences truthfully and honestly, if you are suggesting things and finding solutions to people’s struggles with authenticity and the best intentions, you will never “sell” a day in your life. If you suggest things that will not help people and only out of personal gain or interest, eventually you will find yourself in a dead end and you are NOT an ideal member of BuenaOnda FitTribe.

While all that is true, I’ve found out there’s even more:IMG_20150717_080047088~2

  • I would meet some of the most amazing life changers, friends and teammates in the process.
  • I would earn the money to cover Shakeology, along with other bills and extras
    (including funding part of a trip to Peru!).
  • I would develop new habits, challenge myself, seek out personal development, and work for the most inspiring, true, purpose-driven companies out there.
  • I would be trained by HUGELY successful coaches who truly want me to succeed.
  • You can do this in as little as 45 minutes a day to working full time and still be successful! There are NO rules or expectations except to be genuine, authentic and helpful.

As a member of BuenaOnda FitTribe you not only open up the windows and doors for all the amazing opportunities listed above, but also get access to a GIANT private coaching network, getting started and advanced trainings, personal coaching from me, as well as dedicated spaces for you to ask questions, get and give answers, plan events, join team calls and webinars and genuinely feel what it’s like to be a part of this community.

If this sounds interesting to you, please fill out the application below so I can get to know you and we can set up a time to talk. I’m a real person and just want to help you find out if this is right for you, but you are under NO obligation to sign up. So take a chance on the #GoodLife and let’s talk!


(Me with my coach, the girl from Facebook who introduced me to this crazy wonderful opportunity and I now call a friend)



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