12046578_1648428815406069_2910061847284878670_nWith Christmas around the corner, a lot of people are asking me what I suggest to buy for their friends and family who are working towards fitness goals. So I thought I’d share a little! Now, these are just my suggestions… but hopefully they help. I know there are countless other gift guides out there, but these are things I either own or have done my research on and would like myself if that helps at all.

For the girl who can beast out a workout at home, I’ve got plenty for you! For starters, I LOVE my gym workout mat. I bought it to absorb shock in my 2nd floor apartment so I wouldn’t rock out the downstairs neighbors with 5:30 a.m. high jumps. I will say that some black rubs off from the rubber on your clothes, so something silly like white leggings wouldn’t last long… but who wears those anyways? It never caused a problem on my carpet on the under side. It’s now in my basement gym over the concrete and I love it for the grip and nicer feel than concrete alone. It’s GIANT, and well worth the cost in my opinion. Retail $120-160

BOSU ball is one of the most fun workout toys you can have! And while I’m not usually much of a pink girl, this one definitely brightens up my gym space. It’s great for ab and stabilization moves, and helps kick up a home workout one more notch by adding in the BOSU element to your squats or lunges. If your fit girl needs help with workout ideas, send her my way! Retail $99-150

Blender BottlesI also have learned to invest in MULTIPLES of my shakers. Between pre-workout, my Shakeology, home made juice, water etc… I’m using shakers constantly and it’s nice to have a few to rotate in and out. With a lot of the Beachbody programs you get a shaker, but if you need more, this 3-pack does the trick. Retail $20-30


FOOTWEAR! I know it’s hard to buy the right shoes for someone, but a gift card to Zappos would help. I just got these minimal Inov-8 F-Lite training shoes and they are perfect for cross-fit and boot camp-style workouts where you may be all over the place doing squats, lunges, box jumps, agility moves, etc. Don’t let your fit friends wear running shoes for those types of workouts! Retail $100-$150

Most of my workouts also require a resistance band – and if I’m traveling it’s the first piece of equipment I bring. (It’s hard enough keeping my luggage under weight, I don’t need dumbbells making it any more difficult!). I don’t have this set personally, but it’s the most complete set I’ve seen with a variety of weights for a reasonable price, plus a door anchor will come in handy! Retail: $20-30

lole lanaThese were a splurge, but they are my absolute FAVORITE sweats. They are the Lole Women Lana Capris and I have them in full length and capri styles. There is nothing better after a workout than ditching all the spandex and slipping into some sweats! Pair this with a workout headband and a water bottle and you’re a pro gifter! Retail on the sweats: $90-120


Looking for stocking stuffers? Little things like these elastic headbands, ponytail holders, short ankle socks, or a winter running headband are all small, easy gift ideas to fill in gaps and they’ll all surely get used! My secret santa got me these headbands and I love them!



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