11193308_1591180284464256_7725773535470913872_nHey there!

I am so glad you are here. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a bit more and allowing me to share my story with you. I think you might find we’ve got some things in common!

First, though, I wanted to tell you I am so glad you stumbled upon my page. Goodness knows there are so many different coaches, inspiration boards and Facebook accounts that can light you up with positivity and intentions… but my hope is that you find this space as the starting point for turning all those intentions into something more.

Because that’s what I learned how to do, and it changed my life in such a crazy way that I’m sitting at my desk pinching myself as I write an about page on my very own website that YOU are now visiting.

I didn’t always start out in fitness and coaching. In fact, I started out in a completely different field. After catching the travel bug from studying abroad in college, my post-grad life took me far, far away from my friends and family in Madison, WI (go Badgers!). Obsessed with travel and armed with a background in Public Relations, I practiced PR and marketing on a beach Uruguay and then on the Las Vegas Strip.

I was working in a field I actually went to school for, and I lived in an amazing travel destination, but somewhere along the line I let work and stress consume me, my athletic body was hidden beneath a few years of neglect, and I thought my best was behind me. I was at a personal low, but lacked the confidence to take action.

Then, someone invited me to be a part of something, just when I needed it most. I had been stuck in this period of inactivity and while I considered the invitation just a challenge to workout more, it ended up being just the push I needed to find myself, my ambition, my desire to be better and work towards something. Of course, fitness results followed as well.

Since that time, I have discovered a lot about myself. I’ve learned that my best doesn’t have to be behind me. I’ve learned that the worst case scenario is always, always not trying. And I’ve learned that my true passion is in helping others find their healthy:happy. For the past two years I have been coaching women online and in-person with Beachbody, healthy lifestyle challenges and group fitness classes. In January of 2016, I became a Certified Personal Trainer to safely create custom plans and programs and better help people live their best life.

Since I started, fitness and health have become much more prevalent in conversation and the resources are infinite — but almost overwhelming! If you bookmark mindfulness articles, if you pin inspiring quotes, if you save meal-prep recipes but can’t quite get your life to look the way you want it… you know what I mean! My mission is to help mindful women who are inspired to live rewarding, full lives, fire up their “action-go!” muscles and follow a plan that puts their intentions to work towards achieving and maintaining their ideal healthy:happy lifestyle.

Anyone who knows me would describe me as easy-going, calming and positive. But that doesn’t mean I don’t work hard, challenge myself and face stresses just like you. In fact, from learning to pursue challenge and follow my gut, in 2015 I quit my job to pursue love and my passion for coaching — which has brought me to today, living lucky in love and working from my kitchen in Cape Cod, MA. How could I tell you to go for your dreams if I’m not living my own?!

As a coach, I show women how to break down their intentions into actionable steps that will shift your attitude from “I can’t” to “I can”. I help you set your mind to it, so you don’t feel the stress of forcing something that doesn’t fit. Once you find that “I can”, it’s an amazing feeling to surprise yourself and do something you thought was just a dream. Believe me!

Fun facts:

  • I have played ice hockey since I was 8, and it’s how I met my love.
  • I love fishing, hiking, gardening and travel.
  • I have lost over 25lbs since my first fitness challenge, and reshaped my body in so many ways.
  • My proudest moments were completing my first Spartan Race and running a 1/2 marathon — both of which I thought I’d never be able to do because of physical setbacks and injuries!
  • I am training for my first bikini competition and I am TERRIFIED of being on stage.
  • My favorite quote is “Be who God meant you to be, and you will set the world on fire.” – St. Catherine of Siena.


Living my dream, and on my greatest adventure to date. Moving my life from Las Vegas to Cape Cod for love, and following my passion becoming a coach full time

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